Academic Library Website

I led a project to mi migration of the Library’s website to Red (v3.0), a University-managed platform. This transition was part of a library-wide initiative to move away from a custom, self-hosted WordPress content management system to the more stable and robust UIC Red. This migration was meticulously planned and executed in collaboration with a small team and other library stakeholders. A key component of this migration was the integration of a new homepage UIC Library Search feature, designed to replace the previous Bento and Advanced Search systems and to leverage our new discovery system, Primo VE. The shift to UIC Red was envisioned to maintain the website’s familiar look and feel while introducing new features for an improved user experience.

The migration process not only involved technical and logistical challenges but also focused on managing employee and user adoption and expectations. As part of the transition, I managed the presentation of multiple tours of the new website, ensuring that library staff and users were well-informed and comfortable with the changes. This initiative represents a significant step towards a more stable, user-friendly library website, supported by the University’s hosting and support infrastructure. The successful migration to Red signifies a fresh start for the Library’s digital presence, promising enhanced stability and exciting new features for our users.

  • span: 2019 - 2021
  • cutover: 2021-07-28
Client University of Illinois at Chicago Library
Role maintainer, developer, designer