Library Maps

In 2023, I began work on a new set of accessible maps for the UIC Library website, with the aim of enhancing navigation and usability for all library visitors. Using the Figma environment, I ensured that they are intuitive and user-friendly for a diverse audience. The project’s focus on accessibility guided the choice of tools and design principles.

Download map of the Daley Library (PDF, 11.8MB)

The maps are designed to provide detailed visual guides to different parts of the library, helping users to easily locate resources and facilities. Throughout this ongoing project, I have focused on creating interfaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, adhering to the latest web and graphic design standards. This initiative is part of the library’s commitment to improving user experience and making information more accessible to everyone, demonstrating the library’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility in its digital resources.

  • created: 2023-current
Client University of Illinois at Chicago Library
Role designer